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     作品呈現著對母親的思念與養育恩情,同時重新定位職業和歷史背景以及蘊含的意義。 歷史背景對職業所蘊含的意義是值得被現代人尊重與歌頌,並非以鄙視的心態去看待。對母親工作的辛勞漸漸轉化成關心和疼惜,這份情感自然投射於作品中;在一次又一次製版與一層又一層的上墨過程中,仿如看見母親對孩子們的悉心照顧。.

My Mom's Occupation

05 ScissorsJPG.JPG

  Ruler, rope, scissor are what mom relies on, they still accompany my diligent mother from her childhood. I appreciate my mother in my mind and being proud of her. She sew my warm and lovely house with pin and lines, as well as measure my morality and future.

    My artwork presents the parenting kindness to my mom, at the same time, I locate position, historic background and their meanings. Instead of having despise attitude, the meaning of historic background to position is worth to be respected and praised by modern. The feeling on diligent mom gradually turns into concern and pamper. This feeling is naturally projected on my artworks. In the process of manufacturing  and printing, we could see the kindness from mom to her child.     

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